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MHSCG was formed when Liz Crane found her child was not alone in being turned down for a reception class place at a local primary school in September 2004.

Following a meeting of other Muswell Hill parents, it soon became clear a large number of families in the area are in the same situation.

Many of the families live close to their local schools, very often within easy walking distance, but were offered school places more than a mile away.

The aim of the group is to create an extra reception class at a Muswell Hill school. Haringey figures suggest there are more than enough children to do this.

Three or four years ago in Crouch End an extra class was added to Weston Park Primary School. MHSCG believe this can also happen in Muswell Hill too.

If you are in a similar situation contact for more information.


MHSCG – Parents fighting for places in Muswell Hill primary schools