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Do you live in a school free zone?

Muswell Hill Schools crisis map

The circles on the map above show the admission areas for local Muswell Hill primary schools this year. [Click here to see a larger map]

45 local children didn’t get into any local community school in Muswell Hill.

If your child has not been offered a place for September at a local school of your choice in Muswell Hill you are not alone.

Muswell Hill Schools Crisis Group is campaigning for more places at local primary schools.

We want to find all the children who have not been offered a place in September and put pressure on Haringey to accommodate a class at a local Muswell Hill school.

Next year it could be your child!

Without action, the situation will only get worse.

Take action today. You can write to Cllr George Meehan who is the Executive Member for Education & Lifelong Learning at the address below:

Cllr George Meehan
Executive Member for Education & Lifelong Learning
Haringey Civic Centre
Wood Green
London N22 8LE

Or email:

MHSCG – Parents fighting for places in Muswell Hill primary schools